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Six Hundred Years of Italian Fine Art Paper

Six Hundred Years of Italian Fine Art Paper

Young designers are finding value in Old World papermakers like never before. Magnani of Italy bridges the gap between Old World and new design with an elegance not often seen in today’s paper world.

Old World, New Traditions

Magnani Paper LeafsFollowing in the finest traditions of papermaking, Magnani’s name has become synonymous with the production of fine paper since 1404. The company eventually achieved worldwide success and recognition four hundred years later, when the Magnani paper mills started exporting their watermarked papers to South America, the Near East, and throughout Europe.

Replacing Spanish and English manufacturers was a challenge met with hard work and dedication, but as destiny would play out, the Magnani name became a hallmark of quality and luxury between 1770 and 1800.

Perfect for Crafters & Designers

Jessica Heye Rodger is principal of Heye Designs and is one of the South’s up and coming personal invitation and card designers. Always looking for the best card for her original creations, Jessica says, “I love Arturo and so do my clients. The seemingly Old World look with its feathered edges and its soft feel make you think you have a much more expensive card than you have in Arturo. The prices are great and the quality is outstanding. It’s my biggest seller.”

Arturo Paper Sample Pack Magnani Papers

The longstanding commitment to quality by Magnani is still contributing to their success today. The attention paid to the quality of the paper and to understanding their customers’ requirements has allowed Magnani to contribute to the renewal of the paper sector as a whole.

Jessica continues, “Honestly, it’s the most beautiful high quality paper, perfect for all occasions, ranging from stationery to announcements. It really sets an elegant precedent, no matter what design you are printing it on, or what the event may be. The soft texture and hand torn deckled edges set Arturo apart from all other textured papers. I highly recommend this for wedding invitations, correspondence, and announcements, or even paired with patterned paper for a layered elegant invitation”.

Who Else Uses Magnani Papers?

Magnani Papers works with the most famous names in history.

Emperor Napoleon's Wedding Announcements

Emperor Napoleon's Wedding Announcement

While short in stature and long in taste, the Emperor Napoleon chose Pescia paper for his wedding cards when he married Maria Luisa of Austria.

In addition, some of the most influential names in contemporary art and culture, including de Chirico, Salvatore Fiume, Annigoni, Morandi, Viani, Possenti, D’Annunzio, and others have personally turned to Magnani for the fine papers required for their work.

Old Techniques and Avant-Garde Technologies

Magnani paper mills have always focused on creating the best and most valuable papers to match their customers’ needs. This is why even to this day they use new techniques and new ways of working with fibers that respect the older, more traditional methods passed on from generations of papermakers.

Old World Paper Making

The innovations that new technology brings, such as the chemical sensitivity of materials, marches side by side with the production process carried out by the cylinder mould machine – the only machine that can guarantee the best paper quality to the present day.

The Magnani Paper Mill Today

To this day, Magnani paper mills maintain their worldwide prestige for the production of bank-note paper, art paper, and paper for special limited editions. They continue to market entirely hand-made papers for lovers of luxury and refinement.

In the paper mill, old knowledge and avant-garde technologies work hand in hand to this day. Thanks to the flexibility within their factory’s organization, combined with the modern and sophisticated processes of producing industrial papers, there is still the demand for the highest quality paper they have produced for centuries.

Marc Schotland